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A relic PC from 2003 carbon 14 dated by me.
what a useless PC this is. has zero value sold. dead.
zero but here goes. Sorry but is factor in ECON101.
right (to buy a saddle for dead horse?)

inverter fails 1% of the time.
CCLF are all dead now, not just you, 99% are dead.
if used say 8 hours a day, for 5 years they DIE>
The maker has no instructions to change it.
if you do many Laptops you learn fast that some are easy
all are expensive, say 4 tubes at $9 each
and if U shaped, no tubes sold, you never even looked first.
then ask what is there, ?
some the LCD panel is glued together or with methods that do no allow re ASSEMBLY, as the disassmbly wrecks the clamps.
and LCD panels changed even on 1 model.
the vender of the panel to the OEM PC make varied in time.
(google what just in time means i production)
(we called that qualified vendors list in the factory)

so lets go to ebay
and see if the LCD is even sold. even for $100 on PC worth $0
what savvy folks do is buy 2010 PC or newer.
or if rich the LED upgrade kit for it, if found at all.

I see no parts 15 years old sold for this PC
no screens
no LCD panels
no upgrades
RIP relic laptop.

Take that $100 and buy this. (cost of new LCD if sold)

if must be laptop , get $100 chrombook.
or use real lap refurbs, lots there are.

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 29, 2018

zero history
it ran for 12 long years, 2006 to 2018 and died JUST today)
or found it for $10 at a garage sale, and is worth really $0
history matters, ?
took out big battery, (big is key word)
Password, so it is not YOUR PC with YOUR PW, (what?)
is this the BIOS PASSWORD .y/n?

if yes, did you turn that on, if yes way, and if yes, forgot to write it down? oops.

old post and super old PCs
well all know far is the screen is not dead. as most are this old
most this old (junk PCs not to own ever)
have bad CCFL black lamps, until 2010 year when LED was born.
(into screens)

I am at toshiba dot come now reading your manual to you.
see this? page 141(pdf)

Toshiba supports several types of passwords on your computer:
An instant password-Secures your open programs and files
when leaving the computer temporarily.
A power-on password-Prevents unauthorized users from
starting or restarting the computer.
A supervisor password-Prohib
its unauthorized users from
accessing certain functions such as Toshiba Hardware Setup.
This is useful if more than
one person uses the computer

the book does not cover, resetting that supervisor PW
it's also now, ******* to tell that, (new EU laws, and others)
so, all you can do is : SPW, supervisor Pass word
  1. google all week long reading endless lies and wild guessing.
  2. youtube this, same , but can get lucky.
  3. do things that brick it forever, oops not cool that.
  4. remove line power. ac pack
  5. remove big battery
  6. inside PC remove RTC coin cell battery, gee its died 5 years ago , needs new one for sure if 12 years old.
  7. OK we have no power now at all.
  8. Next push the power button for 30 seconds, this discharges all internal capacitors.
  9. Does PW go byebye now>? or does BIOS screens all work?
  10. yes, /no? with good coin cell now and AC pack only.
  11. No, well this is the end play here, next dismantle the whole PC, to parts, find jumpers on the mother board, and using them reset BIOS. (i bet they are NOT there , only some legacy PCs had these. I bet you won't even do this hard work. 99% don't
  12. and last of all watch youtubers short chips out all day and brick the PC, some even get lucky, happens, luck can happen or worse, bricking it for ver happens too.
answering for PC not stolen I am.

also some mid range PCs, not fully legacy 15 to 20 years old
but no new GEN PCs, windows 8 or 10 newer.
have what is called by ME BACKDOOR BIOS PASSWARD RESTS.
to test the Gen 2 theory we hit enter 3 times, and it he thing
spits out this odd code, bingo gen2.
then you call THOSHIBA and tell them this magic code
(and lots of prove you own it questions (see EU law GDPR)
and then they give you the back door reset. code. pw.

or google that, and find that. all day.

the above cover 3 generations of PC and new GDPR laws.

Gen 1, old say 15 years old, jumper reset or RTC coin cell resets.
gen 2, back door pw.
gen 3 now, no such thing per above by LAWS world wide
only direct intervention by you and the maker OEM.
resets it. ok
I flat refuse top show hacks, and bricking PCs I don't do.

if you google PW resets you learn fast, there is no simple answer ever. (it varies by generation)

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 27, 2018

Follow the procedure:
Device Manager
USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)
Change driver, manually, to "Generic SuperSpeed USB Hub"
Now the hardware is working
Upgrade the driver again, automatically

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 25, 2018

  • The CMOS is, in basic terms, the part of the motherboard that stores the BIOS settings. To remove the BIOS password from your Toshiba laptop, your best option is to forcibly clear the CMOS.
    To clear the CMOS, you must remove the battery from your laptop and leave it out for at least 30 minutes to an hour. The way to remove the battery from your Toshiba will largely depend on the model. A common way to remove the battery--particularly with newer models--is to release the battery lock on the bottom of the laptop, while sliding the accompanying tab over to the side. This will pop the battery out from its tray so that you can then pull it out all of the way out.
    Before you remove the battery, turn off the laptop and remove the AC adapter. Otherwise, you could end up harming yourself or the laptop components. You must also ground yourself to prevent damaging the laptop with static electricity.
    After about a half an hour or more, return the battery back to its tray and lock it into place. Power on the laptop. The computericon1.png, ideally, should no longer ask you for a BIOS password.
    It's important to keep in mind that resetting the CMOS means that all of your BIOS settings will be reset to factory default. Also, sometimes you may need to leave out the battery for much longer than an hour to reset the password.
  • If resetting the CMOS doesn't work, then your next bet is to try using a backdoor password. A backdoor password is basically a password that manufacturers include with the BIOS so that technicians can access the computersicon1.png that people send in for repair. An example of a Toshiba backdoor password is, unsurprisingly, "Toshiba." When the BIOS prompts you to enter a password, entering "Toshiba" may allow you to access your PC and clear the old BIOS password. Another option is to hold the left "Shift" key down while booting.

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 23, 2018

after you update the BIOS

update the DVD firmare

update the driver for flash reader...i believed you have Texas instrument reader and they have update driver for xp and vista

after you update the driver ..check also the hardware update for custom update when you access windows update

Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 18, 2018

Toshiba Support > Satellite A45-S250 Notebook PC > Atheros 802.11 a/b/g WiFi driver with Cisco WPA support for Windows XP and 2000,

HOWEVER, it requires the Atheros Client Utility v2.4.2.18, to be installed. If it isn't installed on the laptop, this utility needs to be installed first. Then the Driver above.

If you need guidance in downloading, or installing please post in a Comment.


Toshiba... | Answered on Sep 15, 2018

ok like all old laptops the CCFL lamps are now dead.
all are. if used every day and 20,000 hours hit, bam DEAD.
the CCFL are dead,
all LT made before 2010 had CCLF back lamps.(and monitors)
you hear the fan blow?, and no text on screen? (2 things)
your 14year old (today) the screen CCFL lamps are bad.
do this, 5 minute work. ok> and tell what fan does.?????

Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018

old post, there are no fuses. fan yes, mobo yes, and more
all things lacking a HATCH.
11 years old, no spring chicken this. and may have CCFL lamps.
CCFL dead , LCD goes dead. as all did now. this old.

seem you got the wrong manual.

the Toshiba web site shows NO SERVICE manuals, free.
that is why I never own them, I buy dell or hp, as they do have manuals, for sure.
my sis has one, and i had to use youtube to find all screws and those dang silly hidden secret plastic snap locks.
yah, toshiba's SUX.
the users manual shows , hatch covers off.
show memory swaps.
then omg fails to show RTC coin cell removal, yah.

my sis, i put in a new LCD display and LED conversion kit. and new SSD drive. and loaded fresh W10 on it, so... im not helpless.
it runs fast and well but I personally hat Toshiba PCs.
I buy USA when I can, so there is that.

i can not find true and matching service manual
but see A200 series, yes. (from non OEM sources)
240+ pages there. has it.

here is how many work (Dismantlment)
all hatches off, and what is under hatch removed DDR, etc.
look for screws hidden there. remove those.
dvd drive out , and screws tricky hidden there or on upper lip there.
hdd out, see screws below>
all screws on the bottom out. ALL>
remove keyboard, if not all in one with plastic top, remove it
then find screws there, (on some LP the heatsink/fan and pipe assembly must be removed now. (my HP this is fact)
try to know that all a215 are not the same, so manuals harder to find due to that one fact alone, (not user manuals real service man's)
the if stuck still the toshiba has those dang snaps.

I use cell phone plastic pry bars, looks like tiny plastic crow bar
if you read the above it shows using guitar pick. step 14
those are a pain, for sure if you break the silly plastic locks.

23steps, there, 205.
now the video, we always look here first, it is free.
UTUBE. my guess you stuck at time stamp 3:00
guitar pick.

laptops take great skills to service, no 2 models are the same is reason 1, and then ribbon connector broken, there are 3 ribbon locks.
push pull
wedge lock
hinge lock.
each type must be addressed correctly or damage is DOA end.

Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018

old post JAN 18' , let me guess the shop wants 5 times value just to tell you X is bad. right? GeekSxxxd.?
sure it was ok before , all things are really. but not now,
but sure you did not buy it broken, that is good clue.
first off , all laptops made have this huge battery
and all this old are bad and worse shorted
so get that battery out first. simple , no? remove it
and run on AC power pack for eternity if you want to.
I guess this is black screen of Deathh(sic) post.
100% never ever shows text, even doing the long reset with power.
the next step on any LT, is to carbon14 date it, (build year)
it is very old, 14 years old today. with old old Pentium M processor.
all PCs this old have CCLF backlamps. that all died years go.
in fact most died, at about 2010 year, ok?>
the lamps go dead after only 20,000 hours of use.
we throw these PCs away.
for 2 reasons.
1: huge labor and cost to replace those lamps.
2: and PC has no street value, at all. $23 used on ebay busted.

here is the magic flash light test for all old laptops
works on deal lamps from year 2000 to 2010
2010 is LED back lamp born day.
power on,
the fan must spin, heard and MUST Blow are or the LT will overheat.
the use the flashlight like this. to see if you see data there.
if yes,bingo, CCLF failure.

Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 26, 2018


To install Windows 7 no need for RAID driver. If you face issues in installing Windows 7 disable RAID in BIOS, install Windows 7 and then install RAID driver.

How To Manually Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 - Satellite A200/205:

Windows 7 Drivers page:

Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 20, 2018


Its right next to the webcam on the right hand side.


Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 07, 2018

why rent one pay it they quite cheap right now at least you will own but hey if you persist ask google "I want to rent a laptop" else come back here...............

Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 04, 2018

I believe the L35 uses what is considered a satellite power jack which means the actual jack is not soldered to the motherboard but uses a cable and plug, therefore is the easiest of the power jack repairs. The cable can be found on ebay for around 30 bucks or less. I usually charge 50 bucks for the labor plus the part, the laptop has to be disassembled to complete the repair. Below is a link for disassembly if you want to use it as a reference and perfrom the work yourself.....

Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 04, 2018
norton removal tool
I just use windows defender, with malwarebytes anti malware

Toshiba... | Answered on Jul 17, 2018

Easy wen you turn on the lap pushh many times type F12 wen the promt apear and then it give to you the wayfrom to start chose the usb from or other is go to bios sistem and in the loader change it way from to star from hdd to usb hdd and ready post please if this is work

Toshiba... | Answered on Jun 12, 2018

restart your computer repeatedly tapping the f8 key to enter safe mode while the screen is black once in safe mode where the only things working will be your keyboard and mouse allowing you to attempt to repair your computer

Reboot the computer As the computer is booting repeatadly press the F8 key as the computer is booting

If done properly the user should get to a screen similar to the below screen.

Select the option for Safe mode command prompt only

Windows Advanced Options Menu
Please select an option:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Enable Boot Logging
Enable VGA mode
Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)
Directory Services Restore Mode (Windows domain controllers only)
Debugging Mode

Start Windows Normally
Return to OS Choices Menu

Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choice.

select safe mode with command prompt

Then type at the C:\> prompt: type


and hit Enter. You'll see a dash (-) at the DEBUG prompt. Now type:

o 70 2e

which will show as -o 70 2e at the DEBUG prompt. Hit Enter. Then type:

o 71 ff

and hit Enter. Finally type:


and hit Enter one last time to quit DEBUG back to the C:\> prompt.
Now you're ready to reboot your PC, and press the appropriate key or key
combo (look it up in your motherboard manual if you don't know it) to access
your BIOS Setup.

Youll notice the password is gone.

if this fails try typing

At command prompt type debug
you will get a - prompt where you can type the following (<enter> means press enter, not type enter*)

JB 103 <ENTER>
<ENTER> just hit enter on this line

Basic BIOS password - works 9.9 times out of ten

if this fails you will need to

Select safe mode with networking to download

you could download all of these or just one save them to a usb drive for later use if one fails to remove the password

A CMOS BIOS password recovery tool

Editors note: This tool should only be used by experienced computer users. Please see the enclosed read me if you would like to run it from Windows. Failure to follow instructions (from Windows) will cause your anti-virus to flag this as a virus.
hope this helps

Toshiba... | Answered on Jun 10, 2018

How to Get Employment Security With Correct Japan Work Visa

Japan is no different from other developing nations whereby grass seems greener on its side of the pasture. It attracts its fair share of foreign businesses as well as nationals seeking to work within its lands. Albeit many adhere to immigration procedures, some choose to test their limits on the basis of ignorance or defiance. By understanding the different types of work visa in Japan, it assures its foreign workers a continual stream of income with no threat of arrest and deportation.

Visa simply infers the status of residence. Citizens obviously have no need of it as they automatically satisfy qualifications to freely reside in their country of birth. As for those of alien status who wish to join the local workforce, there should be a category to match one's requirement. Since most countries strive to improve the overall quality of life, professionals are generally welcomed to contribute knowledge and skill. Unskilled labor is normally not granted a visa to avoid flooding and dilution of the workforce.

The visa is awarded in accordance to one's area of expertise. Supported with proof of relevant experience, it is based on the field of involvement whilst working in the country. In the event one's work scope changes from one expertise to another, it is essential to apply for a visa under the new circumstances. Different types of work visa in Japan also apply to foreign companies seeking to conduct local business. Domestic companies based abroad wishing to set up a local point of presence need to provide supporting documents to justify internal transfer of foreign workers. Governmental staff for diplomatic duties is assigned a category for legal residence.

Over and above the general groupings, designated activities also garner approval from the authorities. Domestic service for non-native residents and citizens of certain nations on working holidays fall into this category of working visa. This, by no means, is the end of the list as it is best to consult the authorities on which visa serves best.
Click Here For More Details:


Toshiba... | Answered on Jun 05, 2018

gmail works of the speed of your connection if your d-link is faulty it will course connection problems try another router or connect straight to your modem [if your on cable] if adsl try doing a speedtest first.

Toshiba... | Answered on May 05, 2018

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