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Two sec jumps is low power in the elec store,,, winds with movement back and forth as your arm would swing. Sometime the day date function is changed by pressing the small button type crown in slightly with your finger may have on or two detents if so it adjusts both functions. if not the stemcrown needs to be used to set day and button to set date.

Seiko Premier... | Answered on May 14, 2017

Thank you for contacting FixYa.<br /> You will have to contact Seiko on this one. I would tell you to just change the date to the day before and then forward the time, but I think I would just contact them as it is such a delicate timepiece.<br /> <a href=""></a><br /> Best regards.

Seiko Premier... | Answered on Aug 25, 2010

1st reason. This means your oscillating weight and paired gears are not generating enough power to charge capacitor, thus not be able to move hand properly. 2nd reason. Capacitor can not recharge itself to full power and needs to be replaced. 3 reason. Seconds or chrono wheel has a mechanical fault developed over the time and needs to be cleaned or replaced. Those are 3 reasons why the seconds hand stops moving in Kinetic watch. Which one is right, you will find out only after visiting watch repair shop, because I can not give correct estimate without seeing the watch myself.
Rate me, plz.

Seiko Premier... | Answered on Jan 11, 2010

take watch to a jeweler, or pawn shop and have it cleaned and oiled.

Seiko Premier... | Answered on Aug 05, 2009


Necessary placement position of Seiko Kinetic Capacitor

This is one of several photographs taken with Macro detail to help anyone wanting to install a capacitor in a Seiko Kinetic watch.

When I first started there was very little guidance, save for some hasty videos that assumed too much prior knowledge, or photos that made little sense.

So, with the basics:
1) The all important peg.
The Mylar Insulator has a hole which slips over this peg...
doing that initially and correctly will save you frustration galore.
I will post another photo later about the orientation of the Mylar Insulator, as it absolutely must be, so that it does cover what it needs to cover, and yet does not block transmission of a charge where it shouldn't.
A tricky little piece of dexterity that caused some cursing occasionally.

2) A specific little square notch that is only for the Left Hand contact of the Capacitor.
If you start with the Capacitor "upside down" (with the shiny side face down" unlike other watch batteries, and slide it tipped downwards initially, as shown in the photo, then it will slip under the little lip that is has to hide under, which is at 12 o'clock in the photo

3) This is a little detail most videos never mention: There is a tiny foot
on the end of the Right Contact.
That foot absolutely must be in contact with the tiny piece of materiel as shown in the photo.
If it is not, the capacitor won't work.

4) A piece that touches one of the coils, as it is supposed to.

Caveats: 1) Do not use metal tweezers
2) Do not Short the Bridge Plate and the foot's resting materiel area
3) There is a gold toned metal spring certain the Capacitor is fully inside that spring, and not merely laying on top of it.

(I like to envision the foot as the bottom of the number "9", and in that manner
the gold toned spring is at the top of the "9")
http://i.fixya.netarea 3-nksflrrmh0zcyivtwmxb40fl-5-0.jpg

area 3-w0xveniaxvrzcg4ghktrv0on-3-0.jpg

on Feb 13, 2019 | Seiko Kinetic watch

Google (Seiko)(SCC142)(manual) without parens for instructions.

Seiko Watches | Answered on Jan 27, 2019


Removing case back screw type

When I started replacing the Capacitors (rechargeable batteries) in Seiko Kinetic watches 10 years ago the most difficult part for me was getting the darn case back off the watch.
I struggled and cursed and busted my knuckles and strained a thumb and lost those tiny tiny (and expensive) screws in the carpet and so on.
So I want to save others the same frustrations.
I have 2 ways now that I use to remove the screw-back case backs from Seiko Kinetics.
This is one method.
I will document the other method in a later post.
You will need:
A Nut appropriate for the size of your Seiko's case back
Krazy Glue or something similar
A wrench or some kind

1. You will clean the case back to remove oils and such that inhibit the Krazy Glue from making a firm seal
2. Glue the nut onto the case back
3. Let the glue set. I use baking soda to expedite that process.
4. Don't get impatient.
5. When the Krazy Glue has set just turn the nut with a wrench and
the case back will easily turn off.
6. Then simply soak the case back with the nut glued onto it in a capful
of acetone
7. The acetone will dissolve the Krazy Glue and the nut will separate from the case back.
8. The case back is now free from the watch, and you have access to the inside of the watch to replace the Capacitor.


There are other methods touted all over the Internet.
Trust me, over the years I tried them all.
The biggest scam I think is the sticky rubber ball they sell.
You are supposed to be able to just buy that rubber ball and press it against the case back and turn it and the case back will come off.
Dozens of the Kinetics I have worked on are over 20 years old and have never been serviced, but have been worn daily and are simply horrible to work with.
The gaskets ("O-ring") is usually dried out and shrunken and adhesive.
There is grime and dirt and skin oils that have degenerated and more and more.
Don't waste money on a rubber ball.

I will post the other method soon.

Let me know if you have any questions about Seiko Kinetics.
acetone 1-h2jz3ynce4qe2yqtnl5bnmkz-4-0.jpg

acetone 2-h2jz3ynce4qe2yqtnl5bnmkz-4-2.jpg

on Jan 02, 2019 | Seiko Kinetic watch

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