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Vague questions have to be given vague answers! 'Spree'?

Remove spree discount from ipad Google Search

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no. provided that your local tv are broadcasting ion your are. you will not any channels that are broadcast locally,

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LENOVO IDEAPAD 330 17" inch?
your model is INCOMPLETE 330 tells me zero.

NO OS stated, at all.
there are only 2 ejects (3 counting pin hole ,jam disk way)
1: push the tray eject button,
2: in windows, explorer right click the dvd and pick eject.

freshly booted, no applications open but My computer, or this PC.
in W10 it is called This PC
in the run box type this (see this PC, click that)
lenovo has one of the most hard site to navigate, (buy dell , buy HP)
and the site is slow.
but here is my guess on your unstated model

page 13, page 19 pdf
read that pge

see that button1 in your manual? sure you do.
in windows, I told you what to do.
if disk jams same page show the pin hole.
use a paper clip , bent to straight and jam it in the unjam hole.

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Hi Friends,
I feel very proud to resolve your problem. Actually many people are getting the same problem. Here you can get the solution.
Click on and download OST to PST software.

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contact telstra as telstra own bigpond

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The RATING OF A 6d is 100,000 Actuations.

I am not sure what you mean by "Maximum Count".

The Rating of 100K means half the cameras will have shutters that
last over 100K and half will fail before 100k


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FIXYA has no connection with UBER. Contact UBER for help.

Quoting driver help - read carefully. Check for Greenlight if in the city near you.


How Drivers Can Contact Uber Driver Support Uber drivers have more options than customers when it comes to getting help. In addition to a series of help articles and contact forms inside the Driver app and at, drivers can call Uber in some cities, and Uber offers in-person help at Greenlight Hub offices.

Uber drivers can call Uber to get help

Uber offers 24/7 phone support for drivers in many markets. To call into phone support for drivers, open the driver app, tap your profile image in the upper right corner of the home screen, tap Help in the upper corner, then scroll to the bottom to find the Call Us button. You can ask Uber anything you want, but many drivers report that it's not too much more helpful than the normal online support system.
How to call Uber phone support for drivers Call Uber: In your account, tap Help, then scroll to Call Us

How drivers can ask Uber a question inside the Uber driver app

To submit a question inside the Uber driver app, tap: Account > Help > Account and Payment > Change Account Settings > I have another account issue
You can send a question to Uber using the Uber driver app, but in what seems like a mission to reduce the number of support messages they get, Uber buried the forms deep inside their extensive menu system.
To submit a question inside the Uber driver app, tap: Account > Help > Account and Payment > Change Account Settings > I have another account issue Note: There are other ways to ask a question inside the app! The steps above show you how to find a contact form for general account issues, and Uber will reply to any type of question you enter into it. But there are other forms for more specific purposes. They have built-in features that are helpful for things like fare reviews and payment questions.
How to view your existing support threads with Uber driver support Account tab > Help > Support Messages
After you've submitted a question, you can track the support thread with Uber inside the driver app. You'll see all the questions you've submitted through these help forms, and you can read replies from Uber and update the thread with new replies of your own.
More about features inside the Uber driver app

How drivers can ask Uber a question at

Much like the driver app, contains a massive variety of support articles, but Uber has chosen to bury the question submission forms behind menus.
  1. Go to
  2. On PC: Click "For Partners" on the left
    • On Mobile: Tap "For Partners" at the top
  3. Under Account and Payment , click "More"
  4. Under "Changing Account Settings", click "I have another account issue"
You can also use the search bar to search for "I have another account issue."

What drivers can expect after asking Uber a question

You'll get an email when an Uber rep answers your question, and the reply will also appear in the Support Messages area of the app. It should take anywhere from a few hours to 2 days to get a response. Most drivers find that Uber's response time varies by quite a bit. Don't be surprised if the first answer you get doesn't directly address your question.
If you're unhappy with Uber's response, you can reply to Uber's email or add a reply using the Support Messages area of the driver app.
Tips to get better help from Uber support
  • One question at a time - Uber typically will only respond to one issue at a time, so loading your message with several issues won't be effective.
  • Be as brief as possible - Only include the details that are absolutely essential to your issue. Many drivers send Uber long-winded stories in a massive wall of text. Uber reps have to reply quickly, so only give them what they need.
  • Be polite and civil - Don't let your anger show. Be polite, but direct.

Drivers can get in-person help at Greenlight Hub offices

Uber operates in-person support offices called Greenlight Hubs in most big cities. Uber reps at these offices will spend a lot more time on your issues and have access to all the information they need to correct issues on the spot. If you want a faster resolution and a better answer, visit a Greenlight Hub.
You can find office locations by going to Click "For Partners," then search for "in person help" and look for the relevant article. That will typically contain the address to your local Greenlight Hub.

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In this trending world, Resumes play a vital role in first level of selection to a job. It is necessary to present a clean, clear and crispy resume template to the employer. A Resume with finest template will attract the interviewer leading to the first positive step towards the job. Just google the idea

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I only have one thing to say about "Gateway connection" ITS THE WORSE / BADDEST CONNECTION EVER... here in my country Gateway already out of business they only last 2 years. So good luck if you plan to use Gateway connection.

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It's a clone of the Terrarium TV app. Which was discontinued on September 11th, you won't be able to use it anymore.

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we know it is hard to fix PCs by reading useless posts , endless on forums.
that is because years matter and models matter
no 2 are the same, ok?
and cures are different.
my wild guess , is you read forums and see everyone yacking about UEFI and telling you to turn off UEFI, (sorry cant do that on oem pcs)
and for sure this old and is MOOT, it is a non UEFI PC.
the PC has no safeboot , disable feature so you can boot optical media , and USB media.'' its not there nor relevent at all here.

Lacking UEFI, means PC is old fashioned BIOS.
That can in fact boot from anything, (exceptions happen)
the first thing I do use take my voltmeter and read this red arrow
battery below , as after 7 years old (yours is 2 years older)
goes bad, most are 2.9 to 3.3vdc below 2.9v means it going dead fast and in all cases it will
cause TIME OF DAY and MM/DD/YY to scramble
if you see any of that wrong the RTC coin cell below is dead.
acid test. below:::::::
remove huge battery, first. (battery Pack large), snaps off bottom.
remove AC line Power pack next.
wait say 1 hour, even try to turn on PC , to discharge capacitors.
now turn on PC with AC only. leave out that useless 9 year old large battery. Until such times all other failures are cured first.

is the time and date settting wrong? bingo? RTC Dead.
ok not RTC dead battery coin..

next we do this.
most are dead this old, you know that right.?
or XP the virus magnet died, with over 700 exploits? and rising each day.?
in dog years that is 63year old HDD, (laptop years are like that)

So to test a PC next, , if the HDD is bad, or corrupted.?

what do we do , we boot Linux media. using the linux boot media.,
or get it the PC diagnosed by folks that do , in PC Repair shop.
This PC came with virus magnet XP, still running that? mess?


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According the camera manual, troubleshooting section, page 286, if you shoot continuously with the built-in flash at short intervals, the flash might stop operating to protect the flash unit.

You can donwload the camera's manual at the link bellow:

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It uses 2x AA batteries. I read the manual and there's no "flat round battery", except the button battery for the date, the CR1120 battery.

You can see it at the page 194 of the camera's manual. Bellow, the link for the manual and other information for this camera:

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You could have a minor short in the plug on the computer, what you may have to do is take a small pic type device look in it and make sure that the ground peace is coming down further enough to touch the plug adapter

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