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There could be many problems, and as no is there to look at it the best bet is to call Chamberlain for help. the number is listed in the instructions that came with unit. Check safety beam that has two eyes should be about 6 inches from floor on both side of door. The should both be on, if not follow directions for installation. Many people get the wire crossed.

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Ok, i will try it bruh

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i can help but i need the exact model # from the mixer

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Make sure battery has a full charge and connections all good. It doesn't have starter relay. Two voltage circuits at starter motor. One comes from the battery, hot the time. The other circuit goes hot with key in the start position and is wired through neutral switch. The starter motor grounds through engine block. Any testing at starter motor make sure tranny is in park or neutral and parking brake is set.

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I know this question is a little old... but I had the same problem and I figured it out! Unscrew the red top to the bottle. Under the top there is a gasket (leave that alone) and a little clear plastic plug blocking an air hole. Pull the little plug out and put it back in the holder. (Be careful, liquid will come out of the hole). This allows for air and cleaner to flow through.. so viola! It's spraying! I was so mad when it didn't work (brand new). I wish it had come with this little tip on the packaging! Have fun! :)

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Knowing how it works is key , the ignition switch is a low voltage input to the BCM - body control module . When the BCM see's start input it sends a message over the serial data network to the PCM / ECM - engine computer . When the engine computer reads this message it will energize the crank relay sending B+ voltage to the S terminal on the starter solenoid ,there by cranking the engine . Taking to a qualified repair shop that has a factory or professional scan tool to read BCM DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes is what you should do , before you cause more problems .

Circuit Description
Moving the ignition switch to the START position signals the body control module (BCM) through discrete inputs from the ignition transducer that engine crank has been requested. The BCM verifies that theft is not active and sends a serial data message to the engine control module (ECM)/powertrain control module (PCM) requesting engine start. The ECM/PCM receives a 12-volt signal from the park/neutral position (PNP) switch or clutch pedal start switch notifying that it is safe to start the engine. There is a splice on this circuit in the fuse block-underhood that supplies power for the starter relay coil. The starter relay coil control circuit is then grounded by the ECM/PCM closing the switch in the starter relay suppling 12 volts to the S-terminal of the starter. Ground is supplied through the engine block.

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The picture is for ford starter relay. The two large wires, from battery to starter relay, from starter relay to starter motor. The third wire is ignition feed.
ford starter relay-5lqlqftqlhn1ciprtf5jgbke-1-0.jpg

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