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Install codec to your PC. You can download the codec here.

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Download Opera Mini for that. It will let you easily download files!

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camera flash in when is the torch?

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Read the id numbers on the component. I can't see any detail from here.

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yes Pinger Textfree does work on iPhone 6 Replica

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You are a printer user, you have possibly faced a Printer is in an Error State problem. If you come across one, an error note will pop up on your PC telling you Printer is in an Error State. Your printer cannot get to run at this time. If you want to find some helpful answers to this problem. You can give the methods below a try. This blog can help you to fix your Printer is in an Error State issue.

Easy steps to solve Printer Is In An Error State:

1. Check the attachment and Reboot your devices.

2. Update or reinstall the printer driver.

3. Contact printer Service Provider.

4. Full BLOG with SOLUTION- Printer Is In An Error State

The Printer Is In An Error State difficulty while trying to get a print from your printer on Windows? A Printer is in an Error State is a simple problem that is faced by all brands of printers. If you have updated your system from a previous version to the latest Windows, you might be facing this problem a lot more. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to fix the Printer is in an Error State.

If the Printer Is In An Error State is not resolved, this might mean there's waste within the printer's inside. Check this Blog for a full solution or Call customer services.


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go to control panel and click on added printer and on the the printer itself, right click on the and put it back online

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I am also looking for the answer to this question.

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How to Download Videos directly into Android Smartphone

YouTube videos are a great way to pass the time. If you are with an android smartphone then you can also directly download youtube vides with TubeMate YouTube Downloader app on your phone and watch them even when you don't have access to internet. We have tested this app on our Samsung Galaxy s3.
The App Home consists of the usual YouTube mobile view with search function and buttons for home, categories, live, favorites, playlists, subscriptions, My Videos, inbox, history, settings, and the option "Add TV".
From menu button it is possible to switch from Mobile view to desktop view.Moreover, here most of configuration options can be found like empty the Cache, settings for the fast downloads, language, region and notifications, and set the download folder for videos and MP3 audio tracks.
There is also an option to change home screen to "Offline Home" instead of online TubeMate view. This provides direct access to the folder with the previously downloaded videos. Videos can also be added into the app via playlist and can be shared on social networks. If you are low on internal memory then you can change the default download folder to SD card.
Depending on the quality of the original video, the selection of various download formats and resolutions are possible (see screenshots). You can also choose to download only the video in MP3 format.. These choices are also beneficial if you don't downloaded video but watch them online, for example, if you have low bandwidth of Internet connection or rather weak hardware.
Several videos can be simultaneously added into queue and they will be downloaded in order.

TubeMate is very simple and intuitive. In contrast to the download app "TubeGod" it has can also be supports other languages like German and Spanish.
Downloaded videos get stored on the default folder for easy retrieval. The video was viewed even at the highest resolution video without any problems. On android phones with weaker hardware it is advised that videos should be watched at a lower resolution. There were no crashes during the test on Samsung galaxy s3.

To dowload Tubemate Youtube downloader just click on the link below.

Downloading TubeMate YouTube Downloader 2 2 5 636

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