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might have to reset it un plug it and then pull the battery out and press the power button to clean it. then plug it back in with out the battery in and if it did not start sometimes you have ot have the battery in for some laptops to start. see if that fixes it.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered Yesterday

no dell PC model stated.
no TV model stated
no dell PC OS stated (windows what?)
no goal stated, what are you attempting to do.
in the global sense. The main goal is to...

my guess is you think the TV is smarter than it really is.

Dell Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

What webcam are you trying to install. Most of the time it will be a USB connect webcam and you can follow the directions that cam with the webcam. If you do not have the directions or software to the webcam, do a search on the particular cam (Name, Model Number) to find the software so it can install the supported drivers.
Hope this helps-

Dell Latitude... | Answered 3 days ago

Hi, a great way to listen to your music on your computer is Spotify. If you have Facebook you don't even need to setup an account. Simply use your Facebook account to sign in.

The link below will take you to the Spotify website where you'll be able to find out more:

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

You need Dell support.

Dell Studio 15... | Answered on Dec 10, 2018

Boot to safe mode with networking, download the Kaspersky Removal Tool at :, remove Kaspersky, reboot and reinstall. Question, What Antivirus did you have originally? Did you use the Anti Virus Removal Tool to remove it before installing Kaspersky? Most Anti Virus use a Removal Tool, obtained from the makers website. It's advised to remove Anti Virus completely with the Removal Tool before installing another.

Dell Inspiron... | Answered on Dec 07, 2018

I use the VLC media player for windows. Just google vlc media player and download the latest version

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 06, 2018

Inspiron 1420 Owner's Manual
lost ? y/n?
lost is not same is resetting known to new.
lost means backdoor only works, now.
so you have these choices.

1: ask i guess this is obvious?
2" search google all day.?
3: youtube. search for 1420 PW reset.[en]

4: scalpers have $20 resets, endless if you can google.
5: wild guess it.?

if the HDD PW is set it is doomed that HDD. (FIPS rules)

branding?, well gee all PCS on earth are branded,
what matters is GENERATIONs of PC and maker and models.

dah manuals (new laws mean no answers for yes above. sorry[en]

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

wow the word phone and PC in one posting. wow.
A FORD found on Road Dead. a 9year old PC, 2009 made
not even close to new that.
so what is wrong,well it is "dead Jim", as stated by McCoy so many times. but free is free sure..... and dead is worth $10 for parts,.

sorry for jokes but we love Dead JIM, for sure in this forum ,end to end DEAD things.

Steps are simple. and SERIAL. Ive posted them here 100 times.
1: take out the big huge battery. on AC pack run it only.
try a new pack>?
2: runs now, no? screen dead?no text on screen ever????????
not even (hit xzy to enter setup?) no logos'
or no boot, found messages. (sure dead, if fan is)

3: still makes no sounds , the fan or fans must spin, seen and heard AND FELT to blow air out the exhaust port if fans are dead that means POWER is dead. for sure. DEAD POWER.

4: the coin cell battery is doomed at 9 year old, 2 years past makers spec on battery. 5-7 year life rated,
but most times bad COIN cell does not kill fan dead,(but might?)
BIOS runs the fan.... so............
BIOS is now dead, if screen is blank., and fans dead.
the 2009 made PC or older can have CCLF lamps inside dead. too.

here are the list of things that fail on all 1545s made.
based on staticical facts, (for those not wanting to test a, but guess)
9 years later. (from new)
  • The old large battery is no good,worse shorted, get it out there and keep it out. run on AC only for now or forever.
  • CCFL lamps are dead, no text ever, but does not kill fan,.
  • tiny COIN cell dead, makes BIOS go NUTS.
  • HDD *****. 10 years is 7 dog years on any Laptop HDD, ok?
  • keyboard dead from coffee spills endless.
  • bad ac power pack, or weak or wrong pack used.
  • if you lost the Ac pack well, what can I say.?

CCFL are back lamp tubes on the LCD panel.
the do not last over 20,000 hours or 5 years (par)
the the PC sat in and attic for 5 years dead, the CCFL can be good.
see? how age matters.

Not only that, I expect 2 things bad. (making diagnosis harder)
black screens of *****,

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

installed, physically or how to install any OS on it?
or both. well remove it and put it in. ok, screws, cables.
no PC stated, at all.

but with fast research at
we found it ,below. 4300S
Dell Dimension it is. made in year 2002
so is 16 years old and zero value on the street with lamp Pentium 4 inside, no memory and dinky HDD.
its relic of the past. and junk.
worse is the virus magnet XP inside. doomed.

clam shell opens, see button on RR?

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

no PC stated model
no OS stated, XP?
email domain stated at all.
my wild guess, is web mail,,,
you use gmail.
live mail
outlook mail
and 1000 others, i refuse to post.

what is your blabla to the right of @

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

NO PC stated ,just dell.
w10 .
nor what browser you use to DL any thing. running EDGE?
what steps did you take.
what were the responses and errors seen?


Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

seem like display problems get it serviced?
if it has AC power pack, this is the only cheap fix.
8-$15 cost.
if pack fails and is weak, this might happen.
bios blurry means bad display parts, or bad power feed (power pack week)
also a real shop can see your screen but,I cant.

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

only dell can help you.
ask them on there support forum yet,

guess what we are not
all we can do is POINT TO

they call there pages COMMUNITY NOW.
go here, ask them,
you will have to prove you own the PC; can you?

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

this is English only sited, did you not see that first?
to post here use google translate,
"I need if you can provide me with a diagram of dell inspiron one 2305"
what diagram, there are 100s of diagrams on any complex technology, endless really.
why not first state a problem?
then tell what are you ATTEMPTING,?
what job are you doing?
doing so tells the helper what you need,

here is all there is on topic.

RTM? read the manual.

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

so you have what, RELICK PC, desktop
Pentium III relics are junk, put it in the trash, actual hazmat center send it there, it has LEAD inside (Pb toxic)

I guess you have a monitor (unstated) and is CRT screen relic?
using VGA cable, to PC"?
refusing to install windows how... using what media.
Floppy, (LOL)
CD"?, DVD? BRD?, if yes whos, is it, Dells or MS, or hackers or what?
USB stick with ISO burned to it.

I say this PC makes a good door stop or boat anchor if you want to kill fish with lead.
GTX110, 1999, with windows 98, new or w95? PURE JUNK
go to GOODwill(tm) store spend $20 get PC 10 years newer.
A win


Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

age matters is this 8 years old 2010
mini 10, 1012? page 10 covers coin cell pull, (hard job)

Q1, why ask here and not, they made it and make the rules, here.
there is no generally, sorry, there are 3 generations of PC.
so 3 gens is the answer.
jumper and coin cell pulls
gen2, back door PW.

and the modern by law way , UEFI way. TPM chips and all.

my guess is gen2, due to AGE alone.

why not ask dell how to do this, they designed it,
here I am searching for you in the correct place, at dell.
they will tell you , call DELL.
1: ask the person that set this PW what is the PW.
2: if that is lost you get to prove you own it at (on the phone)
3: if at wits end , hacking. (pulling the coin cell on modern PC is useless) works on Gen1 very old PCs only.
4: google all week for hacks? there are some. and many brick the PC for ever....

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

Saying dell means nothing at all.
age matters, models matter and OS matters
and must be web connected.
SA does not run on all Dell computers and never on XP or VISTA> sorry.

SA does not run on these

NO PC stated. this Dell? XPS D300,with windows 95 loaded day 1.?
1997 Pentium_II?
old dell-md5ckxmvfmeogepvxvad1zgt-1-0_0.jpgdell-90-qs1iukyuzn03qph1o5gc1niu-2-2.jpg

Dell Computers &... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

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