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Could be motor or control circuit failure

Intex Pool & Spa | Answered on Jul 04, 2020

I had the issue of Polaris 3900 going in circles and staying on the deep end for a while before I figured out the problem.
In some cases the lone wheel connected directly to the gearbox turns faster than the wheels connected to the chain causing it to veer right because of slippage.

When this happens check to see if the chain is secure. It should be tight enough so that the tensioner does not touch the wheel sprocket. In my case I had to remove some 6 links from the chain and once I did this it started working well.

When you disassemble the unit you will see a sticker with a diagram of the drive chain on the feedpipe. Check that the angle of the tensioner is consistent with the diagram so that it does not touch the sprocket.

Polaris 3900... | Answered on Jul 03, 2020

I had same problem in 2nd season of use. Took apart unit (not easy) and found a tiny spider web blocking the propane jet. Be careful, the gaskets fall apart when disassembled.

Skeetervac... | Answered on Jul 03, 2020

Yes absolutely! Make sure the salt is fully dissolved. Soak your hands for 12 minutes.

Pool & Spa | Answered on Jul 02, 2020

I suggest you check the intake for something that falls away when the pump is off but gets drawn in a short time after switching on.

It is a not uncommon cause of pumping ills in many scenarios with plastic bags a popular culprit...

Pool & Spa | Answered on Jun 27, 2020

check recirculation pump if ok check heater element if ok check pressure switch

Pool & Spa | Answered on Jun 26, 2020

This is the REAL answer if you see the 6cf error code it's to do with the plug.

I had the error code 6cf and it took hours to work out what was wrong and it was so simple... the pump unit needs to be plugged straight into the mains plug. Wont go away or work of your using an extension cable.

After I plugged it into the mains plug directly error code disappeared fully working.

Hope this helps people and saves them hours of dread thinking they bought a broken unit.

Pool & Spa | Answered on Jun 19, 2020

This might be saying you need to wait 24 hours before it runs:

7. Stand-by/power saving mode: • When the cycle ends, the green "SLEEP" indicator on the control panel lights up and the LED display flashes "93". The system is now in Stand-By mode. After a while, it shuts down and sets itself in a Power Saving mode. The system will automatically turn itself back on in 24 hours, starting its daily cycle of chlorine production. • The "SLEEP" indicator stays on, while the system is in the Power Saving mode. The LED display however, goes blank after 5 minutes. Press any button ( or ) to view the last LED code.

From the manual:


Intex Pool & Spa | Answered on Jun 18, 2020

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Pool & Spa | Answered on Jun 16, 2020

I have the same issue. I pulled the pump from the assembly and bypassed the circuit board inside by creating a circuit with the 2 black wires...pump worked fine. Of course, it won't cycle on and off so my guess is that the pressure switch somewhere in the circuit board is bad. Rule has a great warranty as my current unit is a warranty replacement (2 years ago). Last unit had a stamped date code on it. I contacted tech support ( [email protected] ) and got a new one sent out. The replacement did not have a stamped date code, so my fear is that they won't replace this one. I picked one up online for $99 and free shipping. If I get resolution on the broken on, I will have on as a backup.
Good luck and if yours is less than 3yrs old, contact tech support.

Rule 1800... | Answered on Jun 13, 2020

Three possible solutions, and I have personally made use of all of them with great success.

1. A common reason why the flow of water through the Pentair 320 canister is insufficient to dissolve the chlorine tablets is that the pool filter is dirty or just too old with ingrained sediment. If your pump pressure is continuously running high then this usually indicates a dirty or old filter that is making it difficult for the pump to get an adequate flow of water through the chlorinator. If thoroughly cleaning it makes no difference, treat yourself to a new filter; it's often an immediate fix and the pump pressure drop may amaze you. Old filters that have served their time are deceiving. They may look clean but the fine sediment trapped in their fibers can seriously degrade performance downstream in the chlorinator.

2. Another trick to help SEE what is going on is to replace the short black feeder hose to the Pentair 320 canister with food grade silicone tube, 5/8" outside diameter, 1/2" inside diameter, and a 4" long piece of 1/2" diam Pyrex tubing inserted into the middle of the silicone tube to serve as a clear sight glass. Silicone tube is rated 500 degF and is available on eBay. Pyrex tube with an outside diameter of 1/2 inch (13 mm) can be bought cut to length for about a dollar per inch from eBay sellers. I also strongly recommend swapping this new feed tube assembly to the UPPER inlet of the chlorinator and moving the plug from there down to the lower inlet. See attached photos.
You will need a 9 inch and 4 inch length of silicone tube, and a 4 inch length of Pyrex tube. Insert the ends of the Pyrex tube 1/2 inch into each piece of silicone tube with some plumbing PTFE Teflon paste smeared all around the outside of the Pyrex ends. Do not get any paste inside the Pyrex tube, and do this rotating the Pyrex as you insert it into the silicone tube to ensure that it forms a complete seal. Then install a pair of 5/8" automotive hose spring clamps over both joints, so 4 clamps in all. I used Corbin clamps number 705-1303 from Napa auto supply, installed so the crimp tabs are rotated to be on opposite sides of the tube.
Now you have a new feed tube 16 inches long in total, 3 inches of which is the Pyrex sight glass. Just take the unions and spring off the original black hose and transfer them to the new feed tube, putting the spring on the longer piece of silicone tube. The 4 inch piece of silicone tube should be at the top of the feed where it enters the Pentair control valve.
You will now be able to observe the rate of flow of bubbles in the Pyrex tube (transparent silicone tube may become opaque over time because of the chlorine but Pyrex remains clear) and know if water is proceeding up the tube and then cascading down over the chlorine tablets. Adjust the Pentair control valve to check if the bubbles speed up and slow down.

3. Lastly, when you open the Pentair 320 to insert new chlorine tablets, the water will normally drain down and out of the canister. IMPORTANT - When you restart the pool pump, keep the cap OFF the canister but have it ready. Assuming you have the Pentair control valve set above 0 (zero) flow, you should soon see water starting to flow through your new PVC feeder tube and then entering and rising up in the canister. When it gets past the top of the chlorine tablets screw the cap on until it feels firm but not cranked hard. If it leaks a little, tighten until that stops. Now you have got rid of that potential air trap that can prevent water rising to completely cover the tablets. Do this EVERY TIME you add new tablets to the canister.
pentair 320 feed tube 03-undefined-undefined-0.jpg

pentair 320 feed tube 01-undefined-undefined-2.jpg

pentair 320 feed tube 02-undefined-undefined-5.jpg

Pentair R171096... | Answered on Jun 12, 2020

I am having the same problem I wonder how to tell if my salt water system is working. My ph is good but I still have no chlorine or copper

Intex Automatic... | Answered on Jun 12, 2020

check recirculation pump if ok make sure filters clean then check pressure switch circuit and switch

Pool & Spa | Answered on Jun 08, 2020

if voltage to inflation device bad device if no power to it bad switch or transformer

Intex Pool & Spa | Answered on Jun 08, 2020

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