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Check the end of the barrel for any imperfections. Small nick can send pellets off course.
put the gun in a vice and fire a shot. Then adjust scope for dead center. Make sure mounts are on correctly. If they are you may need a shim on the mount-to-scope assembly.

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This isn't even a firearm! It is a grass seeder - an agricultural implement you tow behind a tractor.

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Is it denting the projectile or the cartridge case?

Look for burrs or sharp edges in the magazine or on the ejector. Work the action slowly with dummy rounds so you can see the cartridge moving through your rifle's action - also look at the chamber mouth to see if there is a shard of metal here where it shouldn't be.

Firearms | Answered on Sep 30, 2019

Try your local gunsmith. Never attempt trigger work if you are not professionally trained.

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Clean, lube, adjust. This is the Gunsmith's number one fix for most problems that do not involve worn or broken parts.

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There are people who work on airguns. I would try a web search.

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Probably. You can use a 1913 rail with a forward incline to get more elevation. How far are you trying to shoot? 450 yards is further than most hunters will try to take game because of terminal ballistics and ability to precisely place the shot for a clean, humane kill. Target shooting is still getting close to out of range - bullet drop on a 300 win mag 180 grainer is pretty severe - at 500 yards it is falling 55 inches, and it gets progressively worse with heavier bullets and longer ranges.

At less than 300 yards this caliber will take down any large game animal in North America. You have chosen a very effective caliber, but all calibers have limitations.

Firearms | Answered on Sep 30, 2019

It is most likely similar to the Series 80 or Series 70 Colt. If you ask the manufacturer's customer support they can tell you.

Firearms | Answered on Sep 30, 2019

Web site below suggests a method to determine.


Posted: 10/16/2007 2:17:00 AM EDT

Originally Posted By dasanii19:
How do I figure out the date of manufacture on my Colt LE6920?

Take the hand-guards off and the date of manufacture will be on the barrel.
This is actually the barrel manufacture, but at Colt this is usually within a very short period of time. The date is offered as month and year.

If you have the original box and wrapper, look on the cellophane wrapper - the manufacture date is usually stamped on it

Or call Colt and ask them. With serial number they will give you month/year


Firearms | Answered on Sep 25, 2019

There are videos and on line manuals available.

Firearms | Answered on Sep 19, 2019

Why would you need a letter of authenticity? It is a rifle, made by the company that made it. Authenticity would only be needed if your grandfather was General Custer and was the rifle he carried at Little Big Horn.

If you write to the maker, they will only tell you when it was made and possibly the dealer it was sold to.

You can find the date of manufacture on most makes online using Google

make model calibre serials

Firearms | Answered on Sep 08, 2019

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