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Without the model number it is not possible to provide an answer. If the unit is old, or not clean, it should be put out of service and replaced. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have a service life and should be replace at manufacturer recommended intervals. You can try blowing out any dust using compressed air (computer duster) and see if it stops beeping.
Do not trust any old unit - better to purchase new.

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If you are referring to the SAS Transvaal (a Loch-class frigate) there was no captain when she was scutted to make an artificial reef.

If you are referring to the Northern Transvaal Rugby Team (now the Blue Bulls), you should contact the club at:

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What about the Office 2010 formulas are you asking?

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Of what?

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Your printer is probably setup for dynamic assignment of the IP address. If that is true, your new router has dynamically assigned an IP address that you will need to setup for your computer or computers. Easiest way is the remove theold print assigment and then reinstall. Windows will be able to locate the printer and then insert the right IP address into your printer assignment. Use the windows utility "Printers and Scanners" to remove and reinstall the correct driver for your printer.

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The bobbin winder shaft could possibly have been left in winding position - Move bobbin winder shaft back fully to left or back to sewing mode.

The clutch in the hand wheel may have been left out of gear after bobbin winding  - check clutch and if necessary re-tighten. 

The buttonhole lever was not lowered when machine was placed in buttonhole mode - Lower buttonhole lever.

Presser foot maybe in up position, a lot of modern machines will not work untill presser foot is lowered - check and lower foot. 

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