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What manufacturer and model tv is it?

It could be found by contacting the manufacturer or finding a manual for it.

Cell Phones | Answered 4 minutes ago

Check out link below which is the information from the label on the electrode box or packet...

One bit of important information that isn't there is the recommended OCV (open circuit voltage) when welding with AC, which is minimum 70 volts. If possible welding with DC is preferable as there is less spatter, the arc is smoother and polarity can be changed to reduce/increase the heat in the workpiece.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 5 minutes ago

I believe it is not problem. Some models make that noise when they are heating the water.Ours does the same chugging noise but works well. We have a different model also and the second one does not make the noise but then it is a later model without the bells and whistles of the first unit mentioned.

Keurig Coffee... | Answered 12 minutes ago gives several obituaries with that name.

Of course, condolences if this is a personal contact.


Computers &... | Answered 12 minutes ago

Check the online application catalogue of your favourite oil producer...

If there is any doubt it is worth knowing these days a quality engine oil is good enough for most gearboxes, auto transmission fluid or you won't do better than a synthetic multigrade - the choice is yours, though if the catalogue (or the vehicle handbook) has a listing it would be best to stick with it.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 19 minutes ago

Dome or door lights. Reading lamps, or some vehicles in 2002 had a garage door opener thingy. Best to read the manual.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 22 minutes ago

Odds are it is dirty and the vacuum sensor is plugged. That makes it think the vacuum is complete. So it seals. Check the instructions or a youtube and clean it. You need to use the exact cleaning instructions. Odds are that will fix it.

FoodSaver... | Answered 23 minutes ago

The eraser of a pencil rubbed across the gold connections works great. Just be gentle

Cell Phones | Answered 29 minutes ago

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