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I think you're after a licencee key. Yo'll get this after a certain amount of money has changed hands.

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You will find a good explanation and a few pointers to further checks and repairs on the link below.

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This is the best cheap smartwatch for kids, which is phenomenally proposed for children to screen and discover their circumstance for the security reason. Its SOS call region urges you to follow where the children are going or playing. More than a smartwatch it's a smartwatch phone where gatekeepers or guardians can make fundamental correspondence with their children. Best cheap smartwatches for kids in like manner goes with a call firewall. Just pre-planned numbers can make brings without obsessing about baiting from pariahs. This children wise supports a Micro SIM card so children can use it uninhibitedly. Grant 10 phone numbers to call the watch. Youths can dial the as of late set number, and gatekeepers can do all things considered.


Thing Description:

The smartwatch has a SOS call emergency work. In an emergency, children can require an emergency number by crushing the "SOS" catch to ensure that their people are frightened.
This best cheap smartwatch for kids is supports a Micro SIM card so children can use it self-governingly. Grant 10 phone numbers to call the watch. Children can dial the as of late set number, and gatekeepers can do thusly. Voice visit is similarly available.
This advanced best cheap smartwatch for kids has the latest development with trustworthy and strong battery life. It furthermore has a part to hinder interferences during class.
Set the screen number and the watch will thusly dial this number. The condition of the adaptable terminal and the voice of the enveloping children will be pushed to the patriarch without upsetting the adolescent.
Present a security zone, When the adolescents leave the range, this latest smartwatch gives a caution for the main go through to check where children are going or playing. The valid track empowers watchmen to check where the adolescents have been.


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Could be a brake band tension issue. Could just need setting up and a gearbox service. Could be uneconomical to repair. I don't know how long your piece of string is without more detail. Milage, service intervals etc..

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lots of words and means just Dead PC. fans spin.
HP model number HP touchsmart. (no model stated at all)
its dead PC and screen is dead.
most PCs from HP have external display port.
of some kind, Display port or others, the manual covers this but your PC model was not told nor service tag model. told.
The PC is dead, and seems the power button is bad too.
here are some steps used on all laptops
1: remove the huge battery in the lap top, do not make excuses how hard it is to unplug , you bought it so do what must be done,
2: use the AC power pack only, (unpugged for 1hour first)
then plug it in, this pack
3: the PC must not self turn on. so push the power button now see it manually turns on.
4 the BIOS HP logo page shows and BIOS screens work like ESC, F10, F11,
5: if screen is still dead, use the external monitor port and
the Fn+F4 button as the manual tells you to do.

no PC stated at all not even class of PC, desk or laptop. and no parts are free.
the TOUCHSMART word does not tell what you own
that name used back to 2007, 13 years long.
IS THIS AND AIO all in one PC,?
does it have a power pack that in in the line cord
is it the right pack for the AIO>?
AIO PCs only have a few parts inside that are standard, RAM and HDD, all else is HP custom, making them as hard to repair as laptops, lacking those parts custom.
first learn to identify a PC first then tinker.
see examples below.



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Press the MESSAGE button (or equivalent) or Google (Panasonic)(kx-t7730)(manual) without parens for instructions.

Panasonic Lands... | Answered 2 hours ago

Oh, I had the same problem. Here are <a href="">instructions</a>

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Check out help and support from comcast or download firefox web browser and access your email or you can try Windows Live. hope this help you.

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I assume the battery is in the boot?
It should be possible to partially power the vehicle via the cigar lighter or socket if you don't want to dirty your hands. In theory it could be possible to charge the vehicle battery that way (trickle charging with precautions).

It should be possible to access main battery points for jump starting in the engine compartment if you have a rough idea of what you are doing. Some manufacturers provide a facility but the starter motor is where the main battery cable terminates.

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