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ask HP.com you need direct assistance. for that, and now by law. you said password but there are 7 levels. here they all all 7 (which one stops you, we can not guess them) http://pcdied.com/passwords.html

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its bad, needs a new battery.
no HP model stated, just notepad.

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title : screwed again, LOL
1987 back to the future? to 2018 ok/
do you have the service manual?
this may cover assembly.
i'd not let any screw of any kind float around inside of any electronic device, ever.
or boom is soon.
let the smoke out. ! you will..;.
find the screw first, no matter what and get it out of there.
ever seen a screw grabbing tool? if you see it you can get it.
otherwise big job to get it. dismantlement....
but if its safely wedged in the bottom frame, its probably ok, but Im blind here.

Roland is Osaka Japan company , not USA HP.com
you posted to computers and it is not a computer.
it's a Piano electric.

good luck .

HP Computers &... | Answered 22 hours ago

wow photos, nobody does them , nice.
no HP PC stated, but is w10
sanyo is projection system.
NEW HDD means w10 was loaded fresh sure.
so load there software
what was the OS before the ***** of HDD< ?
sure go to sanyo and get the applications, for w10
only sanyo supports that projector no body else.
its it connected with VGA?
it only connects these ways for sure

  • RCA Type x 4 (Video, Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr) composite.
  • and Mini DIN 4 pin x 1 (S-Video)
  • (VGA) HDB 15 Terminal x 1
what PC you have unstated.
nor what cables you use from proj. to PC stated.
but you do need the sanyo application from them.

ok, im reading your manual
so that screen above is not window but is sanyo only menu.

my guess is you lost the manual here


has service modes and more.
or read here.


a you set to user mode (limited or full mode.?
IDK now to reset this projector but it may need that too.
the books says...
There is also a hole with the RESET button. rear

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ok, this is very simple and basic but recovery is not.(can be impossible) we have no idea at all how the OS W7 got there, or the history of the HDD, (ever replaced) OS UPGrades? vista to 7? that LOGO is just BIOS. as is F10. so PC not dead BIOS not dead. but f11 is that dead? recovery? have your read thje manual yet, see HDD tests. that is first, no OS made runs on a dead HDD or one that is weak, smart tests failing is weak.l OS fails to boot, OS is dead, missing or corrupted or HDD is bad.that is the problem. are you backed up? that is Q1, every time to the ends of time. are you? if yes or no data personal there, or apps personal with licenses. then do the full blown HP F11 restore or try W7 startup repair, google that. if the HDD is good an never slammed. means HP recovery partition not gone or wrecked then F11 work power on , hammer F11. see? power on see if hdd test is in the BIOS my HP has that, I run that and if HDD fails, it does not lie, if that passes I run full demo linux media and run full HDD smart tests if those fail, new HDD time. there is no other way with HDD bad. HP sure does not sell media kits after 3 years, your is way way older. 10 years old it seems, even some with VISTA. read here. https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-compaq-dx2390-microtower-pc/3658390/manuals

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

HP took down the server for this.
the 49 day wonder TAB, (pure trash)! read the wiki.
a fact in 3 years ago in fact.
so its been parked for 3 years,?

read this and weep


(the man behind the curtain , died)
i'd pitch it in the trash.
or do an android load. (good luck there)

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 12, 2018

Just call Microsoft 800 number and give them the programs Serial Number

If you are online they can even activate it for you remotely

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 12, 2018

lets read the manual, offjet, ALL_IN-ONE 8110 , right.
16 years old (2002) today, and no wireless in that printer
I guess, you meant how to make your unstated laptop do wifi
then connect (wires) the printer to the laptop.
And use the LAPTOP share this printer to others?

1st google hit.

second book there is it. 86 pages
page 51 connect USB. bingo that is all there is here.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

sure there is, for sure,!!! but.....
wow no OS
stated not even a tiny hint, XP to W10 32 and 64 bit.
18 versions that are, must I GUESS? I guess w10-64 and run with that.
did you ask HP this on there HP forum, seems NOT.
why ask here, we are not HP, all we can do is guess, point at HP
or tell you how to test for true failure cause.
that is it.
BTW, the HP forum this is asked, like 1000 times. and answer is always 1 answer, below.

the hard part here is knowing rule 1.
is it hardware bad or software. the endless questions.

I'm not sure what icons you are talking about, can you be more clear"? are you saying the keyboard buttons fail> ? if yes which ones> (1 or all? or where)
I guess Quick launch buttons.
Here is my answer based on all things seen down wrong by customers. 20 questions.? or less.
1: did you buy the pc new. if yes what OS was there new.?
2: did you change or upgrade the OS ever.????? this kills buttons. and lots more , ask.
3: did you make 100% sure you used the right 6910 driver? NO.
4: did you know upgrading the OS with out HP permissions causes just this class of failure. I can tell you exactly why if true..?

your 6910 only runs windows 2k ,xp,vista,w7)
id does not run w8,w8.1 nor w10 in any way, HP does not support
but with a qualification,, below.
same as mine.
For sure the top hardware key strip is failing; the hot keys
to the right OF MY power switch.
if lucky, it can be made to work, like me. here is how.

here is how my HP 8540w PC fails, and knew it would going in.
as 1 simple example. (i run w10 but with limits !!!)
HP , I formatted the HDD. put in a new SSD.
I then installed the microsoft w10 ISO using usb media.
W10 loads and does run. but not fully.
what fails, gee lots.
that hardware touch strip is dead.
the finger printer device all that fancy security razmataz is dead.
and will never work ever on w10
the hdd protector (gforce sensor is dead) no cure but ssd needs no such sensor so im good.
The SOFTPAQ ( is dead took fails for w10) this is the magic tool at HP that loads driver, missing, and is DOA, for W10

To make the key strip driver work
I had to force feed it. using w10 compat mode.
the HP has EXE file for each driver
on most it will pukee. as it sees WRONG OS
so i then (we do this all the time) we unpack the exe using
7-zip, and then find the strip driver inside and force install it and it works perfectly
in windows 10 , i downloaded the w7-65bit hp driver,

i think, (IIRC) the driver is called, HP quick launch buttons.
down load that here.

the with the the sp49104.exe file (w7-64 actual and yours0
now right click the file and pick compatibility mode. for w7-64bit.

but i had to guess what OS you ran, and if not w10, all the above
is no good,

watch out the exe file is super spart.
it knows 2 things you do wrong.
1: wrong OS>
2: you dont have this option in this PC.

learn that the options on your PC, are coded with numbers
at the end of your model number.
see this tag (service)
see that ABA# number that tells the HP expert
what chips are in your PC, all options
mine can have 4 video cards, 3 audio chips ,3 Lan chips and 5 wifi cards. all coded there when new.

I published this at HP.com (im not HP)
I published how to hack the security pack scripts for installer
that makes it work on w10.
now learn the ONION effect, on mine this trick (both)fixed the quick launch button.
but not the wifi button (our sound)
if the driver for wifi fails so will it button
same with the 3 audio chips used, if wrong long loaded, driver.
this this and more failures will and can happen
by not asking HP if they support w10. they don't
but with carefully forced drivers loaded for w7, it does work.

also Microsoft Pnp does work on this PC for w10
that is easy to explain, HP never released them to MS.
ever. nor will they ever.
so welcome to the dark side of hacking, you are there.
now the unpack trick
use 7zip, to unpack the w7 exe.
then in that folder you made.
see setup.exe. run that. (its inside the above ,extracted.
this setup is dumber and will run under w10 if not run this setup.exe in compatibility mode.

i have more, i have journal I made to my self on my 5 elite books.
ask. or at least tell now what OS you are running.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

no PC stated, or server, or laptop, or workstations stated. why?
no OS stated, surely you know what you are working on>?
no problem stated at all to get the helper on the page?

servers have HP smart manager, not PCs.
but windows 10 has s.m.a.r.t monitor built in (HP is not MS)
that when any HDD starts to go bad it tells you that. (W10))

see why telling all the above, you get answers correct.

here is what s.m.a.r.t is. (all modern drives have it) SSD/HDD


HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

  1. Sign in to your HP Connected account to change your printer email address.
    1. Go to HP Connected, and then sign in to your account.
      The My Printers tab opens and a list of connected printers display.
    2. Find the printer you want to modify access to, and then click Settings.
    3. Under Your Printer's Email, click Change Email.
      Figure : Clicking the Change Email button
    4. Type a new HP ePrint email address in the text box, and then click OK.
    • If the email address that you typed is available, your settings update immediately.
    • If the email address that you typed is not available, try a different address or click one of the suggested addresses, and then click OK. 5. Inform any allowed senders of the new HP ePrint email address.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

oops its worse than that,
Hi, HP shut down the profile servers. jan 2015 down they went.

You would have to bypass First Use, instructions can be found on this forum.
sorry I do not use webOS, (to savvy to do that)

why you cant access wifi settings, (no you , it) is beyond belief.


if all this hacking (if need be) scares you as it should
buy $100 chrome book, and move on, (low price)
If tiny is what you need, 10" shop for something more main stream.
like w10 or android notebooks, (i boycott apple so... cant go there)
(not the product the ashcan board of directors there,)

webOS is dead, but is like TV shows or movies with a following years after the *****
HP . sold it.
The operating system was later sold to LG Electronics. In January 2014, Qualcomm announced that it had acquired technology patents from HP, which included all the webOS and Palm patents

read the word halted here.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

at HP this code decodes to,.... HP.COM PARTSURFER....
Product Number : KD097AT#ABA
Description : HP 530 NOTEBOOK PC
there is no answer to the vague PW question ever,
there 6 grades of Password (levels) BIOS on up.
even LINUX PW? no OS stated,

the answer is here, all 6 answers
computers are simple no, until it breaks, or .???


HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

they work on different technology your phone ARM processor maybe, while your laptop may run on intel or amd processor. both needing different programs to talk them.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

windows 8? loaded?
What are you asking, ? how to fix windows ? or LINUX>?
how to repair this PC yes. all ways, sure.
5 year old PC, not too old. but... runs UEFI.
so I guess you never used BIOS< ? (esc key?)
and set the boot order correct or the hot key for booting on the fly F9.
ON newer HP, they run UEFI now. the newer BIOS,
to reload windows using MEDIA, and not the F11 magic key below.
Say booting Ubuntu,v17 USB install media made on a good PC.

you must go to bios
power on, hit esc, hammer it and then hit F10 it tells you what to do in the ESC list now, f10
click on tabs for this. screen.

1: turn off Secure boot or it will never boot to usb or dvd. ever.
see photo below..
2: then turn on legacy mode. F10 safe.
it will send you a secret 4 digit code, like 1F1C ?
at the reboot it asks for the code and must be typed blindly.
(no echo of the code happens, just type it and last ENTER.
bingo it can boot anything you want.

wished< why wish, all it takes is the USB stick and free Rufus
to burn the stick 8GB bests sized, cheaper it is.
why wish, does that really mean no 2nd PC there? or at friends?
there are no lack of PCs now.

Answer 2 , page 81 covers this.... real books HP has omg real books.
in all cases I run HDD tests on the HDD first.
or every step past here will be a waste of time, if the HDD is bad.
The trick is hammer F11, the magic, HP recover key
and recover,.end story, PC cured. w8? back working
all personal files gone.
to load any os media, install windows fresh or linux
this must be done.
safe-odw4dyhl4y25qsq4z4srnihs-1-0.jpeg doing this wrong above, and getting the secret number wrong
makes BIOS reset back to secure boot,
so repeat this again, set these 2 items, F10 , see secret code
and then on reboot ask for secret code, type it in blindly
and now you can boot from ANY THING.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018


ask the maker if this app that.
only the designer builder of applications know this.
why ask here, we are not them?


HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

ok, hp security has many levels.
first is what OS is running, if the owner put w10 on it
that can in fact wreck security, doing that with out HP permissions.
only up to windows 8.1 is supported, ok?
there are many locks, here, (all options day 1,)
and all are DESIGNED to block access just as you are doing.
bios pw user or admin, the latter is very hard to clear.
bitlocker. (doom for hdd lost pw, hplocker?
then comes the finger print level of access.
some have this intel, method of bypassing that, with you answering 3 questions, if the old owner turned that on.
why even try,
why not remove the hDD, and erase it.
after all with if the hdd if full of kiddy-P-o-r-n. , oops. not good that.
personally I never run others OS, ever, as mine. not EVER.
but that is me,

now why ask here, at fixya , fixya makes no PCs, sells none or designs them why not ask HP.
here is the hp public forum (means 2 classes of folks answer)
(prohp and joe 6pack)


here is just a taste of the security options on this PC
w7 ,example


all that was designed to stop you from getting to the owners data.
its is super hard nut , safe.
best is to reload the os an turn all that off, if you are not CEO
or some designer or work for CIA.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Dec 11, 2018

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