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HP Photosmart 6510 Problems

Top HP Photosmart 6510 Issues

The Big Issues:

HP is a leader in the printing market, delivering a ton of quality products to consumers looking to print family photos and other documents.

Vr2020 users love the easy setup and touch screen capabilities. Both of these assets make troubleshooting and using the printer a breeze.

What they don't like is the noise that is made when the printer is printing, as "deafening racket" and "not for of?ce use" come tagged alongside their complaints. Being able to print wirelessly was also a major issue that caused its fair share of headaches

The Fix:

If you're looking to solve the printing noise issue, this printer isn't for you. It makes a lot of noise when it's printing even the simplest of documents, and will occasionally rattle on for half a minute after your printing is complete.

If you are having dif?culty printing wirelessly with the HP Photosmart 6510, follow these steps:

  • Ensure your wireless router and printer is on
  • Note your network name (SSID) and WEP/WPA password
  • Press the right arrow key and select "Setup"
  • Select "Network"
  • Enter "Wireless Setup Wizard"
  • Select your network's name from the screen
  • Enter WEP/WPA password
  • Press done and then OK
  • Install the printer software onto your computer
  • Select "Print" and you're on your way!

Epson Stylus NX430 Problems

Top Epson Stylus NX430 Issues

The Big Issues:

Many users report that the printer takes a long time to startup, upwards of 5 minutes for some, when it's turned off for an extended period of time. Unless you plan on leaving your printer on 24/7 and racking up a little extra on your utility bills, be prepared for a wait in between startup and print time.

The two biggest issues with this printer are the photo paper jamming and the inability to scan objects wirelessly and import them onto your computer. Photo paper (the stuff with that nice sheen on it that comes in a smaller size) has a tendency to get jammed in the printer more often than regular 8x11 paper. The no wireless scan is also an issue for those who either don't have a USB cable handy or want to import an image wirelessly in a different room.

The Fix:

In order to prevent photo paper jams with the Epson Stylus NX430, go through the following steps:

  • Take extra care putting the photo paper into the tray
  • Only put one or two pieces of paper in the tray at a time
  • If you don't experience any jamming issues with photo paper, increase the size you put in the tray gradually over time

In order to go around the no wireless scan issues, complete the following steps:

  • Open Image Capture, Preview, or another application you use to view pictures on your computer
  • Select "Import"
  • Select "Import From Scanner"

Canon Pixma MX882 Problems

Top Canon Pixma MX882 Issues

The Big Issues:

As with most printers nowadays, especially ones that print in color, the Canon Pixma MX882 burns through ink at a ferocious pace. The vast majority of users were looking for ways to reduce their ink consumption, citing high prices for replacement ink and the pace at which ink is consumed as their largest issues.

Other common complaints were issues with feeding paper into the dual trays, a long initial set up of the printer, and long print times (this includes both booting up the device as well as printing documents and pictures).

The Fix:

Unfortunately, the most common issues with the Canon Pixma are unable to be ?xed with any type of workaround. There's no way to signi?cantly reduce ink consumption besides printing in lower resolution, the tray issues seem to be a part of the product, the long set up time is the price paid after purchase, and long print times are something that the printer is known for.

While we can't de?nitively say that potential consumers should steer clear of purchasing a Canon PIXMA MX882, if any of the above issues sound like deal breakers to you, steer clear.

Kodak ESP 9250 Problems

Top Kodak ESP 9250 Issues

The Big Issues:

Kodak has long been a brand name in the photography industry, but their ?ling for bankruptcy in January of 2012 tells the story of this printer almost better than user issues can— it's functional, it's ?ne, but it doesn't innovate and it certainly doesn't do things other printers on this list does. The lack of a touch screen isn't a huge oversight, but with the vast majority of competitors offering one (and users loving it when they have to troubleshoot), it is de?nitely a drawback.

The general use issues for the Kodak ESP 9250 run the gamut from automatically resetting margins when printing, damaging the paper when printing, running loudly when printing, using ink too quickly, and printing very slowly despite claiming otherwise.

The Fix:

Make sure you have your manual handy when you use the printer, and keep Kodak's customer support phone number in your back pocket as well. The list of issues aren't speci?c enough to offer any concise solutions (i.e. users are all over the place with their list of grievances), so our advice is to stay away just like we advised with the Canon PIXMA.

Make sure you have your manual handy when you use the printer, and keep Kodak's customer support phone number in your back pocket as well. The list of issues aren't speci?c enough to offer any concise solutions (i.e. users are all over the place with their list of grievances), so our advice is to stay away just like we advised with the Canon PIXMA.

Ink may be used quickly, but that seems to be a consistent complaint with all popular printers. If you're going to go through ink quickly, you might as well get it cheap.

Samsung SCX4521FG Problems

Top Samsung SCX4521FG Issues

The Big Issues:

The Samsung SCX4521FG is an older printer but has a very strong following amongst users who praise it for its reliability and price point. It's not a game changer it terms of what it does (Samsung has printers with Wi-Fi capabilities, the SCX4521FG does not), but what it does provide is a solid printer that is devoid of all of the crippling issues a lot of other printers present consumers with.

For PC users at least.

Macintosh users will ?nd their support of this device waning, especially those who have OS X 10.5.3 or higher.

The Fix:

For both scanning and any general use issues, updating your drivers is essential. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Ignore the software on the CD that accompanies your printer
  • Log online and go to Samsung's of?cial Support website
  • Download your drivers to your computer
  • Restart your device
  • Connect your printer to your computer and follow the on screen steps

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