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Your vehicle does not have a transmission fluid dipstick. These types of transmissions are designed to be maintenance free. In order to check the transmission fluid, your vehicle likely has check valve on the bottom of the transmission on the bottom of your car. Your car must be level when the fluid is checked and we therefore recommend having a mechanic with a hydraulic lift or underground bay check your transmission fluid. Any fluid leaks for this type of transmission should be treated by a mechanic.

Semper Fi,

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Feb 01, 2018

first let the system cool down if you try to open it and it was blocked by those hats because the hydraulic system have some thermal sensors .if after 30 minutes is still not working check the level of hydraulic oil (not the one from the steering ) i must be somewhere in the back of your car depending the model .U can also try to help a little with your hand but don`t apply extreme force ,just help it on the move especially on the last part where is not working well

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Jan 22, 2018

sounds more like a poor connection to ground (earth) on the side that does not work all the time .a good auto electrical shop can probably pin point it for you

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Sep 29, 2017

yep 1/11 in what year
1st month 2011 or what
best have the battery load tested but I suspect that it will fail ,the test

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Sep 15, 2017

The only suggestion I have (and it's admittedly just a guess) is to first eject all CD's in the unit if you can, then disconnect either of the battery cables and let it set that way for five or so minutes. Hook the cable back up and maybe it will be OK. I had a similar thing happen to my 2012 Subaru Legacy's cruise control while on vacation in VA Beach. Just stopped working. Fuse was fine. no reason for it to happen. Took it to a dealer and they did some kind of computer update. Fixed. Didn't charge me.
If what I suggest doesn't work, you may have to do the same. Good luck!

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Aug 06, 2017

Is there anything plugged into the 12V accessory sockets? (cell/mobile phone charger, USB charger, dash camera, aftermarket navigation unit). Take them all out. Some of these sockets do not switch off with the ignition depending on the model/market. New/high capacity batteries can deal with some discharging like this overnight but can not when they start losing capacity. Generally a battery's life expectancy is 5 years. You should be replacing it if it's near that age anyway.
Make sure all interior lamps are off (including vanity lights on the back side of the sun visors (if equipped - slide open the plastic cover to see the mirror, a little light comes on).
Otherwise - you need to troubleshoot where the power is going. There are plenty of YT videos out there showing you how to hook up a cheap test meter to the battery and systematically pull fuses until the power drop disappears.

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Apr 13, 2017

On most 12v cars,the #1 cause is a light left on somewhere in the vehicle.#2 cause is a bad diode in the alternator and #3 is a bad battery which self discharges and is usually over 5 years old.
An easy first step is to disconnect the charged battery over night.If it still has a full charge the next morning,after you reconnect it and if the car starts,you can rule out the battery as the culprit.Now,if the battery passed the first test,now we go onto #2 test and disconnect the alternator output wire from the alternator overnight.If the battery still has a full charge the next day we will now know the alternator has a bad diode and will need to be repaired/replaced.If the battery was found to be low on charge the next morning with the alternator disconnected we will now have to go on to test #3 to find the drain in the vehicle. Disconnect the positive battery cable and place a 12v regular bulb type test light between the positive cable and the battery positive post.You should have a bright light on the test light if you have a drain in the vehicle from the battery.(don't worry about a dim light as electronics need a little memory voltage) We are looking only for a bright light.With the key off (as it would be overnight) you are now going to remove one fuse at a time while watching the brightness level of the test light.Take one fuse out, look at the light and if no change in brightness put the fuse back in and on to the next fuse,one by one until you see the light go out or dim.The fuse that dims or removes the bright test light will be the circuit that is draining your battery.Now you have your "battery drain" circuit identified and can inspect/repair the item/items on that circuit.
REMEMBER an open door,trunk or hood may cause a FALSE bright light on your test light because of courtesy light switches and alarm switches so manually close those switches if you need to keep one of the doors or hood/trunk open to gain access to the multiple fuse boxes in many vehicles.
DO NOT TURN ON THE KEY during this test, as all power to the vehicle is now going through the test light and things won't be happy if you do.

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Apr 09, 2017

Passenger side, outer kick panel. There is usually a small black box, less than the size of a deck of cards, that has a circle Red button on it. If the cutoff button has been triggered, just pushing the red button down or in will turn it back on.

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Aug 26, 2016

Have you tried setting the parking brake before operating the top? I am not that familiar wit your exact model, but do know some manufacturers have this safety feature built in,

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on May 13, 2016

see if your fuel filter is plugged. i will do some research on the epc light.

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Dec 31, 2015

an EGR deals with partily burned gases and recirculates them back in to motor if it was bad you wouldn't pass emission testing ,P.S. get rid if the open gas can in the car ,for your safety

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Jul 08, 2015

sounds like a faulty starter , the clicking is very common with a starter problem, hope this helps

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Nov 28, 2014

i hope you already checked the fuses?and the headlight relay behind the fise box?if those are ok,there is not much left,the commodo on the steering wheel,
but on the 2006 you should do the error read out,it should give at least a indication,the problem with the headlight screws is classic one,it is due to earlier bad mechanic,maintainance,of course these days,grease and putting grease is too expensive and too dirty?i think even with low budget you should find a good mechanic,there still are good ones....

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Nov 28, 2014

If the battery is getting old, it could be ready to fail but also a new battery can develop a dead cell and fail. Solving the battery problem could get everything working again.

2006 Volkswagen... | Answered on Nov 27, 2014

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